Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Singapore Toy Con - part 1

The Singapore Toy & Comic Convention was held the first time this year on 28th & 29th June. I attended the event with Xiang and my colleagues, at the same time also having a 3 days trip at Singapore and spent overnights at my friend's place in Johor. Thanks to DeeYang for letting us to stay in his place.

Here are the photos of the toys that were showcased in the convention. The place was very packed, like what you usually see here during pc fair. But anyway, during the 2 days event I managed to capture some toy shots and put them together as one to share it here with you guys! Other photos from Singapore and the event I will post later.

Enjoy. :)

Singapore Toy & Comic Convention

Click HERE to download larger size.


  1. love all the figures!
    especially the clone trooper, look so realistic!!
    Y only 1 star wars figure photo ar~

  2. the one holding gun is cosplay one lah! ofcoz real lah...haha
    Star wars booth have to line up to go in leh, many people lined up so I didn't go in loh...

  3. nice pics~!~! the time i went was too crowded, missed lotsa figures.. :( anyway, it's a good event ^^