Sunday, July 29, 2007

1st Official Selection for 'LIVE LIFE'

I had submitted 'LIVE LIFE' to the Calgary Fringe Film Festival few months ago, and today I've received an email from them, which really surprised me!!

Usually after the selection, they will email you to notify whether your film is selected or not been selected...

So here it goes from the email:

"The results are in and programming has been completed for the 2007 Calgary Fringe Film Festival. It is always a difficult task selecting films from the hundreds of entries we receive, particularly considering the quality and amazing stories that are being told by you, the filmmakers.

We are excited to tell you that your film is an Official Selection to our 2007 Festival which runs August 10th to 19th in Calgary, AB, Canada. The exact schedule of when your film will screen will be published on our website next week at

In addition, we will be announcing those films which have been selected to receive a recognition award for excellence in filmmaking and an award certiicate.

All filmmakers who are an Official Selection are invited, with a guest, to attend any and all of our film screening sessions. Please email to indicate if you are able to attend, especially for the screening of your film.

Next week we will also announce the nominees for each category (short films, mid length films and feature length films) for Best Film, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Screenplay, Best Actor and Best Actress. These Awards will be given out at the Awards Party on Saturday August 18th, along with Audience Choice Awards in each category..."

Wow!! That's really incredible and unbelievable!! 'LIVE LIFE' received an official selection and will be screen at a film festival in Calgary! hehe!! Ofcoz I also wish to have nominees for any of the 'Best Of' category later on but I'm already happy enough just having it selected. :)

Anyway, we'll wait and see...

And ofcoz, very BIG thanks to all the Live Lifers and vfs and everyone who supports!

Saturday, July 28, 2007


Crossover has became a very popular trend these days (perhaps I was outdated?). Therefore I also have my HOLGA crossover with the LC-A+ and I'm really pleased with the results!

*click on the images to enlarge

Friday, July 27, 2007

Gathering 20072007

20.07.2007, a gathering with the former colleagues of Yellow Pictures...

Shot with LC-A.
It was a great night, we had really good chat and hopefully we'll meet again very soon!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

D Arrival of My LC-A

At 16th July 2007, my dream camera LC-A+RL has arrived...

The LC-A+ RL camera, which stands for Lomo Compact Automat (+ version) Russian Lens.
It is original a Russian camera since 1991 but the production had came to an end over few years ago. About one year later, the lomographic society has presented the brand new Lomo LC-A+, the same size, outlook, feeling, smells and even the taste of the original LC-A! And like the original, it shares the same brilliant multicoated Minitar 1 32/2.8 lens (made by LOMO PLC of Russia). It’s designed as not only a replacement for – but a major improvement plus some new features.
If you like to know more about this sexy camera, please visit here.

When I show this camera to my friend, they always asked the same question - now what's special about this one!?. I said, nothing special than a camera that produces great pictures, a real life-like pictures. :)

It felt the same like you opened your huge present while you were 6-years-old!

The lomo cameras always come with a very well-designed packaging.

Inside the package: Lomo LC-A+ camera, Cable Release, "Lomographiere" hardcover book, Colorsplash Flash, TunnelVision Lens, Hipshot Bag, Two 35mm film rolls, Three 1.5V batteries.

I love this small and cute tunnel vision+wide angle lens. And how surprised it fits perfectly on my G7 as well!

A very fine hand made compact old-school camera.

The Legendary Minitar 1 32/2.8 lens, hand-crafted with love and pride.

Comes with the second-curtain shutter & Flash Hotshoe.

The finest, handiest, most delightfully unexpected, robust, crazy-sexy, easily pocketable, vividly colorful, and soundly addictive snapshot camera of all time. I am lovin it!!

Here are some shots from the first roll of negative:

Notice the vignette around the edges of each picture (slight tunnel image effect, with darkened corners), it's what I wanted so badly, and it's also what made LOMO so special!! :D

To see more photos please visit my Picture Gallery.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

First 120mm with holga

So excited to get my first 120mm film developed!
I was so stupid to set the wrong counter window and ended up every pictures just went overlap on each others! Sigh~ so I cropped most of them with Photoshop.

I have to say that 120mm with holga, is awesome! Look at the pictures, it's like flipping through your grandpa's old album and you found that they still look so warm...