Sunday, July 08, 2007


It is a special day, supposed.

Early in that morning, about 6am, I walked down my apartment to go to work.
When I approached my car... ...


My car was originally park at the place where you see the breaking glasses.

According to the guard official who saw the accident, the guy who hit my car drive a Proton Waja silver color, WNC 4002. The guard tried to stop him but he didn't stop, and is believed that he was drunk at that time. Dammit...

Proton Waja, silver, WNC 4002.
If you ever see this car, please let me know.

So... a special day huh? Indeed...



  1. its really a great bang huh
    moved the car a distance away from the original place

  2. yalo!!! Fuck that guy!! Haiz...