Saturday, July 21, 2007

D Arrival of My LC-A

At 16th July 2007, my dream camera LC-A+RL has arrived...

The LC-A+ RL camera, which stands for Lomo Compact Automat (+ version) Russian Lens.
It is original a Russian camera since 1991 but the production had came to an end over few years ago. About one year later, the lomographic society has presented the brand new Lomo LC-A+, the same size, outlook, feeling, smells and even the taste of the original LC-A! And like the original, it shares the same brilliant multicoated Minitar 1 32/2.8 lens (made by LOMO PLC of Russia). It’s designed as not only a replacement for – but a major improvement plus some new features.
If you like to know more about this sexy camera, please visit here.

When I show this camera to my friend, they always asked the same question - now what's special about this one!?. I said, nothing special than a camera that produces great pictures, a real life-like pictures. :)

It felt the same like you opened your huge present while you were 6-years-old!

The lomo cameras always come with a very well-designed packaging.

Inside the package: Lomo LC-A+ camera, Cable Release, "Lomographiere" hardcover book, Colorsplash Flash, TunnelVision Lens, Hipshot Bag, Two 35mm film rolls, Three 1.5V batteries.

I love this small and cute tunnel vision+wide angle lens. And how surprised it fits perfectly on my G7 as well!

A very fine hand made compact old-school camera.

The Legendary Minitar 1 32/2.8 lens, hand-crafted with love and pride.

Comes with the second-curtain shutter & Flash Hotshoe.

The finest, handiest, most delightfully unexpected, robust, crazy-sexy, easily pocketable, vividly colorful, and soundly addictive snapshot camera of all time. I am lovin it!!

Here are some shots from the first roll of negative:

Notice the vignette around the edges of each picture (slight tunnel image effect, with darkened corners), it's what I wanted so badly, and it's also what made LOMO so special!! :D

To see more photos please visit my Picture Gallery.

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  1. i was just like you when i recieved mi little sexy LCA+RL i felt like a six-year old kid with a neww toyyy haha congratsss