Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I usually don't submit my films to festivals as I believed they are for Art's Film, well, most of the time. Plus, out there has like thousands and thousands of film festival over the world, and I believed for film submission, you need a certain level of experiences and skills, and making the right choice.

I'm certainly not that person, not yet. That is why I always wished to have a producer who helps and leads me on this...

So how did I know about Akira Kurosawa Memorial Short Film Competition?

It happened one day when I visited Kinokuniya. at the Japanese section's counter I saw this postcard about the competition. What attracted me was the theme of this year's competition - LIFE, and it required a short film less than 10mins, without any submission fees(that's the best part). Instantly I thought about LIVE LIFE, and from there I thought "why not give it a try?"

Months later, at Janury this year I received a letter from Japan. I was so excited because LIVE LIFE was announced for the nominated 19 films from over 500+ submission worldwide! There are 2 nominated films from Malaysia, one is from Ho YuHang, who directed "The Rain Dog" few years back.


It was a great news to me. Few months later, it came another greater news...


Wow! Unbelievable.... Congrats to myself, hehe~ And ofcoz to all the cast & crew members of LIVE LIFE! This would be the first award for LIVE LIFE, and for myself in filming career. Yeah! So can I go Japan for the awards ceremony??

Also congrats to YuHang for the Grand Prix! He's a great actor/director, funny guy!

More about LIVE LIFE, click HERE.


  1. congratulation dick!!!!!!!!
    yes!! finally you get an award for yourself!! great job!!!!!

  2. OMG!!!! we got an international award winning director here! big applause!! muahahhaa, "the negative effect" will be much more classy as we can put a god damn big highlight "From the Director of "Live Life", Akira Kurosawa Memorial Short Film award-winner" you are great man! fucking proud of you!!!

  3. Fei, when you will be going to Japan? We want to form a Fan's group follow you to Japan.


  4. good point~! jeep.
    wahahahaha . congrate ! dick !

  5. congrat dick~
    proud of malaysia ^^

  6. hou geng ya~!!! hou geng ya~!!!
    hou geng ya~!!! hou geng ya~!!!

  7. dear bro..

    mom called and delivered the good news of yours brusting in tears.. tears for you and our beloved grandma.. grandma must have heard you in january..while she was still lying in bed.. she knew.. she knew.. she must be very proud of you and so am i..
    live life.. because life is full of dream.. life is full of hope and most importantly life is full of love.


  8. First of all, Congratulations~!!!
    2nd of all, Conngratulations~!!!
    3rd, Congratulations also~!!!
    ya man, I can't say more than "WOW", you're amazing~!!!

  9. Wow... really thanks for all the nice words guys!! Reading your comments made me feel so touch, my eyes almost wet...

    Sis, I know... I know... grandma must had heard it... thank you and I love you all! :)

  10. wow...congrats dick!!! really proud of u!!!!

    so proud of you!!!
    and agree with wat Jeep mention!
    great job and congrats again and again ^^

  12. 恭喜恭喜,再接再厉!

  13. congratulations bro, you are now one more step nearer to success, really proud of you .. =)

  14. dis iz crazy shit!! congrats dick!!!

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