Monday, June 07, 2010

Sheri + Yi Shen | SDE

Last year I helped Sheri and YiShen to take video on their ROM, half year later, I'm so happy to be invited again to be part of their big day, the wedding ceremony.

Congratulations to Sheri and Yi Shen!

Sheri is a very best friend of my sister. They have been very close like sisters since they were kids, so it is both pleasure and pressure to handle the shoot. It was fun shooting on the day because the sisters are nice and pretty, and the best man is very funny while playing the games. I enjoyed the shoot very much, as well as editing this piece, it got me laugh for a few times!

Here's a video shows how this new wedded couple reacts to the screening of their morning ceremony SDE:

I hope you enjoy the video too! :)

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  1. Inspirational film-making...nicely done.

  2. Love the video....very nice chicks at the games.

  3. Thanks Rick and Andy!

    Yeah Andy, the sisters are pretty...haha~ and have a pretty loud and sharp voice...

  4. A beautiful masterpiece... well done!

  5. Thanks trishalavittae and George! :)

  6. Very well done.. the video still makes me emotional. very proud of yishen + cheryi

  7. Nicely done, what lens did you used for the entire session ?