Sunday, August 01, 2010

摩斯特Da.Mon.Ster 【Expired Rubbish】官方MV



由 Dick Chua執導,【Expired Rubbish】官方MV 0108網絡大首播



出品Production House: D1 Production
導演Director: Dick Chua
監制Producer: KahGiap Lee, Dick Chua
故事Story/Screenplay: Dick Chua
攝影指導DOP: Dick Chua
攝影CamOp: Bak Chee Hong, KahGiap Lee
助理Production Assistant: Yee Cheng Haw
化妝Make-up & Hair: Sharon Lean,Hair Index, Lence Ladies Academy,
剪接Editor: Dick Chua

父親 Father - Ke Feng Lum
兒子Son - Shan Fei & 阿栋
司機Driver - Singblass Rui Ping
店員Worker - Cheng Haw
路人Stranger - Jhunnie ccf
朋友Friend 1 - Kenneff Lam
朋友Friend 2 - Sharon Lean

Special Thanks to
Jacky (ESH Electrical Store), Desmond Yeow (Persatuan Kebajikan Ci Hang-Chempaka Selangor), Si Huat Soong (Kedai Runcit Eng Hong Long), Mrs. Eng, Ah Dan, 兰姨, Shou Wan, Kenneff Lam, YunC, Reinert, Jhunnie, Singblass, Yong Hao, Aik Sern, Wei Jan, Wuei Hiong, Alice Yue, Kahhooi Lai, and our family.

D1 Production Facebook:
摩斯特Da.Mon.Ster Facebook:


  1. I'm touched... especially by the last scene of this MV!

    Love it!

  2. awesome!
    simply like the message from the mv.

    well done!!!

  3. a very touching MV :)
    keep it up!! :D

  4. Read from sinchew saying this is your first MV? Wow i am impressed bro!

  5. Hi Eddie, ya it is. Thanks bro! :)

  6. touching... im almost going into tears...

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