Friday, December 28, 2007

A new toy from HK

Kelvin, who recently came back from his Hong Kong's trip, has brought me back a new toy - Holga 135BC. What a coincident is, LSI also launched the Holga135 on their webpage the same day as Kelvin reached Malaysia.

Kelvin also bought me a mini-holga 110 (hold by Xiang) for my ealier birthday present! The pink box is the Holga 135BC which he helped me to buy.

Thanks Kelvin!! :)

Here are some of the photos shot with Holga 135BC:

What I like about this camera is, it is exactly my favorite Holga camera with the same plastic lens, but this time it uses 35mm format and has a 'countable' advance wheel. Plus the addition of the 'BC' which gives a very strong vginette/black corner to my picture. I just love it! :)


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