Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Xiang's Birthday

7th of Dec is a big day for Xiang, it is also another day for me to brandstorming of what to buy for this little princess...

When the clock reached 12am, we were at the K.T.Z Food having a little 'two-people-world' drinking session. I gave her no present yet and I said it needed a little delay due to some reasons.

Happy Birthday luvly!

People shoots picture to celebrate one year older.

Splitzer is really a good tool to get us a two-shot.

The following morning, Chang had accompany me out hunting for Xiang's present. That is the reason why I postponed the present because Chang is only free until that day. Another reason why I needed Chang's help on this is because he is so familiar with the thing I was gonna buy for xiang.
After that, we met up with Xiang and Jaymee, and had Pizza for our dinner.

She knew I've got something for her.

In the note I wrote: "This is specially for you as a pass-time while I am "lomoing" infront of the computer..." (Xiang always complained while I'm busying with Lomo infront of computer @@) Ok... I admit the clue is abit too obvious and she already got it right on her first guess, but anyway we just kept denying.

Us, with Xiang's present.

Started to unwrap the present.

So she was right, it's the PSP!

It is something she always wanted to have and glad she really liked it!

Us, with Xiang's new toy.

And the guest, Chang and Jaymee. Thanks alot to Chang for accompanying me to get the PSP, he is such a good buyer, who helped me to get the best price possible in town!

Xiang, enjoying her PSP.

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  1. wow, dick...
    so sweet leh...
    the psp is lite version right? hehe
    merry xmas~!