Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Life

First of all, I like to apologize for not updating my blog recently. Some of you had been rushing me these days, sorry and thanks, I'm really glad you did that! :)

I believed most of you have heard that I am into a new full time job recently, working as a 3D Animator I really need to spend more time to catch up things since I have stopped 3D for like, almost 3 years.

Anyway, the new job is great. Nice people around, boss is good, everything is going well.

Some of you might be curious why do I switched back to 3D? Well, first reason of all, is that I really think that I need a "more stable" income, which also, that will grows in the times being. Secondly, I found this company is great as in more systematic management. What I mean is rather than you need to do everything as a 3D artist (which most of the small companies do), we are in there separated into different departments depend on our professions. What I do? Camera & character animation. Which I found it is good, because now, I can have my both professions, or should I say the 2 majors that I studied, they are now connected and is able to combine at most of the ways.

Other than that, the office also quite near to my place, base in the familiar Sunway, where I lived for years. And the most importantly, the boss, he was my lecturer in college and also a friend, very nice guy, very understanding, very ambitious... after all, what's better than a boss who knows to appreciate!

I'm having fun with what I do so far. Making an action movie is always my dream. Now by having the chance to operate the cameras and direct the characters for a short action movie, I feel very happy, even though they are not live actions. :)

I hope I will do good. Because only by loving your job, then only you will love your life.

D workstation


  1. good to hear that.. where is the location, next time we come out to eat lunch if you want... hehe

  2. Sure Kelvin! The company is just opposite Pyramid. Lets have lunch sometimes! :)

    Jeep, I think you teach me better lah~ I'm newbie only...

  3. good dat u work for ur interest...
    i m looking forward on that in my i stil duno wat m lookin for...矛盾。。

  4. Wei wei!!! P n C okay!!! kenot spill too much out to the public! boss scold already!! T__T But boss very High already with what you say about him here.. ass licking >:O

  5. hey~ tat's "P n C" comp n "P n C" desk lerrr~~~~ pls respect our company property!!!!~~~~ ( *\ /)9

  6. Wahhh... boss so good ar? dick can i join ur company???

  7. Hoi Mun & Yong Hao, dun kakaciaociao here~ What PnC comp and PnC desk somemore hah... @@|||

  8. violet, slowly loh, I believe sooner or later you sure will find one. :)

    Hooi, come lah, you also know how to do animation mah... haha~

  9. dick, enjoy ur work ya~
    all d best ^-^

  10. i do animation ???
    Hmmm... scared kena scold like hell...

  11. Thanks 10! So you start working already?

    Hooi no problem one, you got do freelance 3D mah~ kekeke...