Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Happy Birthday! D1 PRODUCTION is 1-year-old now!

I started this blog at 11th of May 2007, that was not long after I purchased my Canon G7 and wanted to get on more serious in learning photography. I never expected, from the begining that I could hold, or write this blog for such a long period. I always believed I am a "3-minutes-warm" person. :)

I think the reason behind was that, I am taking photograph to blog, and I am blogging to share photographs, so it's a win win situation! :P Guess that's what really pushing me, and kept D1 Production alive for a year.

But after all, my biggest motivation really came from the supports of you guys throughout the year. Now after a year, my blog already has more than 10k visitors. I don't say it is huge number but looking at the visitors grown from month to month, I really feel happy and all worth it.

Below shows the traffic report from June 2007, the first month after I started this blog:

And the traffic report from last month, April 2008:

Thank You. For making this happened.
Please accept the deepest appreciation from my heart.

As in return, I will work harder to improve my skills, I will shoot more and share more with you guys. And I promised to make here a better place. :)



  1. Wow... Happy birthday to D1 Production, let's make some noise here!

    Keep posting more post and photo. Still need to learn more skills from you.

    Keep on going!

  2. walau eh.. the traffic chart is showing ur blog got many visitors ler.. damn proud liao now.. keep ur blog up for the good production in there~!! i am always be the most visits visitor... Hehe~!!!

    GIONG HEE~!!!

  3. Congrats on your blog anniversary. It's always nice to see such dedicated passion for arts and creativity. It's been a blast checking out your photos and the contents that comes with it. You always seems to bring out the humanity in your shots.

    Once again ... Congratulations. a good one year and hopefully many many more to come.

  4. Thanks chtan, edtan: Sure! Now you have own a G9, so we can learn from each other! Faster shoot more and share with me! :)

    Thanks Hooi: I know you're the most visits visitor, not only that but you also the greatest friend in my life!

  5. Thanks Culain le Ferach: Thanks for the nice words! I'm glad you liked it here. Can I know where are you from? And how do you know about my blog?