Thursday, August 28, 2008

The fast pack

Just bought myself a new camera bag! :)

Lowepro Faspack 250

This time the backpack - Lowepro Fastpack 250. Bought it mainly to use for traveling or a long day shooting, because carrying the Crumpler for long hours is very tiring specially when you carry it one side.

Personally for this Lowepro Bag, besides than the fine quality, I think the best part is the very convenience and fast way to access, take-out/put-in your DSLR. Very creative mind of Lowepro to come out with this solution. If you haven't seen it, take a look at the demo video below:

I tested it. It works just great and I can't wait to pack for my Bangkok trip few weeks later! :D



  1. My advice: Better get your 70-200mm ready before going to Bangkok.

  2. he is getting that lens lor.. that's why he finding ppl to get 450D.. hehe

  3. why just 1 photo posted? i thought still got a lot more?

  4. Fei...what about getting a D90 before i go bangkok?

    Simon, 1 enough lah... the video can see so clear liao~