Saturday, September 20, 2008

An evening in IMU's lab

Lab Fun


This line still keep refreshing inside my mind...

Met up with Kok Feng & Poh Leng 2 days ago to do a little photo shooting session for their coming wedding's presentation. A very creative mind of them to come out with the idea - having a theme titled "The Perfect Chemistry" for their wedding. Our shooting session took place at their former Uni's lab.

We had lots of fun along the shoot. Poh Leng is very cute, everytime when I shot using my Horizon camera, she will repeat the same thing "hou geng ahhh~~" haha!

Thank to Kok Feng, Poh Leng and Phui Yen for the great evening! :)



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  2. hey there! i saw those lab photos u took for PL & KF! they were fantastic! btw, the bride is a very close friend of mine! :D i'm actually planning to get a lomo camera, so inspired by your work! any recommendation for a freshy lomo player?

  3. Hi Shoeaholic, thanks for dropping by. The lab photos I took for them were shot using DSLR and post edited. Glad you like it, thanks!

    Anyway, for lomo cams, it's depend on what direction u going. You can have a closer at My first lomo cam was Holga, because it's cheap and it gives the light leaks effect that I want, but only the 120mm format (different from the normal negatvive we use) is abit expensive and harder to find.

    If you want which is more fun, can try Fisheye or Supersampler, both are cheper too. If you have budget, ofcoz the best is LC-A+ or Horizon Perfekt. :)

  4. Oh ic... great editing skills you got there then! hehe... thanks for the detailed recommendation, im really tempted by the fisheye one! but am contemplating if i should just concentrate on dslr instead cos i own a little Nikon D40. will definitely check back to see more of ur great work! cheers! :D

  5. Having to play with film is a total different experiences! You might give it a try since a fisheye camera cost alooot cheaper than a digital fisheye lens... haha! Anyway, thanks for dropping by! :)