Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Project 530

Hao & Yeng* Picture above is not for commercial use.

Here's what I'm up to recently....

I'm so excited, one of the project I'm handling now is to shoot a series of photograph for a XXX commercial pitching purpose. We came out with the idea to tell one simple story using a few pictures. Last Sunday was our first day to shoot, early in the morning about 5:30am we were out at the KL city to shoot 2 scenes. Special thanks to Yong Hao and Wei Yeng for being our model, they are awesome!

I can't publish the photos here yet since they are P&C, the photo above is simply one of the behind scene I took for Yong Hao & Yeng.

Our next shoot will be at Ipoh. We will be there for this coming Wednesday & Thursday. Lets pray the shoots run smooth and I hope sooner or later I can share with you all the photos!



  1. wah ! cant wait to see other shots ~ what's the blurry background ? 7-11 ?

  2. Dick Chua , how you make it the background movement and the object still very sharpness wan? nice shoot...i love it.

  3. wowow Mr. Haozilla, super model~
    yeah cool man!

  4. very nice... love it... =D

  5. 法兰鸡, 2 ways:

    1. Use slower shutter (below 1/60) with a moving fore/background, and ask your subject to stay very still.

    2. Photoshop. :P

    For this one, I used photoshop. Thanks for liking it. :)

  6. dick... that shot sipe sakt... it reminds me the scene that came to my mind when we talked about 忘记。

  7. "忘记"!!!

    I almost 忘记 liao... @@

    Not a bad idea hooi, since we failed to shoot movie, why don't we shoot photo and tell the same story??

  8. nice! the male model look like a bit caucasian... haha

  9. d1, good idea.. when can we start?

  10. Wah!!!!!WAHHHH!!!!!