Saturday, November 22, 2008

my PR business card

My PR business card

Eventually, this is my first official business card since I started to work! hehe~


  1. nice design mar....
    i think expensive gua..coz de paper...hahaha...
    can i hav 1? XD
    *(de up ter,like kena burn,real or not de,or de effect make it look like real ?)

  2. Thanks!

    Ling: the paper is actually not expensive, it's the most comment on with texture. Ofcoz you can hav 1, will give you when we meet k? The burning effect is actually a print-out with diecut effect. I took photo from actual burn and edit it in photoshop. :)

  3. aiyoyo~ Production Director ~ hahaha

  4. i work for one and half years oso doesnt have my own name card..hahaha...but the design is really cool, mr production director XD

  5. director belanja makan!!!!!!
    heheheh~ i'm waiting for it XD
    director liao.. no wonder got new lens~