Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Figure sketch

Can't remember when was the last time I do figure sketching... 3 years? or perhaps 4 years ago?
Anyway, this guy Simon called up the other day and asked if I can do a sketch for him. Without any hesitate I agreed with him, thinking that it might be also a good chance for me to practice back the strokes that has been long apart...

I finished this in about an hour+ (super slow!), doing it in a very life-sketching style is one of my favour, also depending on the original photo's lighting, oftenly when the faces' lightings are flatten without strong highlights and shadows, a more free-style-sketching can shows more art form. On the other hand, it is faster... haha~


  1. Bro, you still so geng!

  2. wow~very nice dick^ ^

    im agree with jinhow~geng^+++^

  3. Dick.. u want me to be honest or lie?
    Honest la hor?
    This sketching piece..
    If compare with mine, this is 100 times better and winning..
    But if compare with yourself last time, Ermmm....

  4. Thanks guys!

    Simon, ya I agreed the neck is long and thick...but the actual photo is like that, maybe I shall have made it thinner...

    Hooi, haiz... i know... i know...

    violet, sure can, but after I practice more first lah, if not pai seh leh~ hehe

  5. walao... great skill dude!
    very overall is very nice~
    the only thing i spot is...
    the girl hand a bit cin cai jor...

  6. i always envy people that can draw/sketch...

  7. I always envy ppl that can sing/play music... T_T