Monday, December 08, 2008


Live Life

Last few days, I was looking back at my movies again, first was 【Live Life】, and then 【Love.Say】, last time I used to think that they weren't good enough to spread around, but the feeling this time is different, it's like you were looking back at your old works, and even they weren't good enough, you could now tell yourself or anyone else, "hey~ that was like 2 years... 3 years ago man!" And then automatically, they became quite presentable, and you started be proud of it! :P

And then later, a composer who hasn't been in contact for almost 3 years, came to me in msn and asked, am I the director of 【Live Life】 and if there's any chance he can watch 【Live Life】? Instantly, I felt like all this is a sign, and I told him "you got me in the right time! I had just watched it after these years, and now I am thinking to upload it online!"

Well, I'm glad now I have my own server and is able to share the movies with you guys. If you haven't watch it before, this is 【Live Life】, a short film I wrote and directed 3 years ago. Yeah~ I still like the caption " There is a time to see with your heart"! haha~ If you like to read more about live life, follow this LINK.

If you like the movie, please tell your friends.
If you hate it, don't keep it with you, tell me! :)

Thank you for watching! :D



  1. Glad to see this movie back again!!
    i've watch it one year ago. haha~ nice video!!!

  2. nice & good movie ya~!!!
    but the volume too small...

  3. Well, it is so great to hear from you again! Of course I still remember you, since Dukun was the 1st and only movie production I get involved. So, how are you these days? do drop me an email for your contact, definitely we should meet up for a tea and see if we can work out on something !

  4. Anyway, just watched your short film, the last scene is brilliant yet stunning ! really nice piece of work you have here. *Applause

  5. 英文程度差, >< 听不太懂, 不过呢还不赖, 简单直接, 虽然有些情节是能猜得到, 哈哈!

  6. greatest short film ever~!!

  7. 你被點名了,有請:

  8. helios, thanks for coming in! Glad you can remember me! haha.... ya we definitely should meet up! Moreover, I just stay opposite NZX, heard your studio is at there right?

    Anyway, thanks again for liking the movie! :)

  9. 第一!this movie is awesome!
    I like the colour and story alot!

    Keep it up! (=

  10. It's worth takes some time to load it, watch it & share it!

  11. it's touching.. sometimes we just need to take slower steps and feel the things around us.. :)

  12. wow...very touching..
    i like it..

  13. to tell an emotionally moving narrative in 10 minutes is indeed a skill. Beautifully told and shot. Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone!
    Cheers! Heres to your future endeavors and success!

  14. Thanks Weiyan! :) Indeed it is a challenge for us to tell a story within 10mins, especially when it needed to touch the audiences emotionally. It took so much times and advices to work on the script and screenplay, I am glad it turned out well.