Thursday, January 07, 2010

A 7D Documentary - 20 Years Initiator 风雷二十

My first short documentary shot entirely with 7D.

"风雷二十" "20 Years Initiator" is an chinese cultural orchestra performance by 专艺民族乐团 Professional Cultural Center Orchestra, celebrating their good 20 years in Malaysia since 1989.

I spent 2 days to shoot this documentary, 1st day at their training center and the next day at the actual performing hall. It was a great experience staying close to these musician especially during their training period. believe me, it sounds alot better than listening from under the stage.

I know the audios are real bad in this piece... I was really sad about it, having so minimal control over the mic and the location has never been quieter for the interviews. Gotta save more money for a better mic now...

Filmed, edited and directed by me. My girlfriend as assistant and helped with on-spot file transferring. Thanks to the musician- Shan Fei & Xi Qin for their helps, and everyone else for the co-operation along the shoot.

Shot with a 7D, 1080 25p.
Edited and graded in Avid Xpress ProHD.
lens used:
EF-S 17-85mm
EF 50mm f1.4
EF 70-200 f4

Thanks for watching! :)


  1. I know!! This is the one that they WOW-ing in your room that day!!! Nice Nice Nice!!!

  2. Very nice dick! Really impressed piece.
    Don worry for the audio, imo that make the video more "documentary"
    Nice 1 =)

  3. Thanks guys!

    smallfish, that make sense.. but some of the audios really cannot be forgiven. Anyway, thanks for liking the doc! :)

  4. Nicely done short documentory, love the mood and cemera angles.

    How did you get those very low and smooth tracking shots? You lying on troly and someone pushing you or did you get some tracks to mount your 7D?

    Wish it was longer, and maybe some subtitles would be nice :)

  5. Dick, nice piece of work.
    can u please share how u get those smooth tracking shots? especially using 7d?

  6. Thanks Jin Liang and aiseh!

    The tracking shots were done a DIY slider, basically it's made very cheap but quite effective. Will share the pictures at here later!

    Jin Liang, can you do the english subtitle for me?? :)

  7. Caaaaaaaaaan if I understood what they were saying :) you got the translated script I'll help you comp another version.

  8. great! i love the track shot!

  9. Dick, did u use MF most of the time ? What do u say about the AF capability, would it be an audible noise to the mic ?

  10. Ya Rick, I only use MF for shooting video. The AF will definitely cause noises to the mic, because the mic placed just beside the lens, and you know the focusing can sometimes be very noisy...

  11. hyep..bro where u from..i think i wanna oder to u the slider la..hehehe i dont no..idea to do like that..very creatif...