Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sheri + Yi Shen | ROM

My sister came over to KL yesterday to attend her best friend - Sheri's Wedding Registration.

Here is the cinematic highlight of this special event. Thanks for giving me the chance to capture the video. Once again, congratulations to Sheri and Yi Shen! :)

Captured with a 7D and monopod.


  1. same day edit? very nice video..

  2. Nice, but why u guys onli shooted at ROM inside? outside in de middle of road oso nice le!~ should go outside walk walk n shoot too!!~~~`

    ( [-][-] {可惜,man!)

    But yet, great video!

  3. Yong Hao, that was my innitial plan too, but on the day it's not only the couple themselves, they dun like to have their families and relatives wait too long and plus the wheather was really hot. That is why we just had a simple and quick indoor shoot.

    We always work with what we got. Right? :)

  4. another good job done by you. :)