Tuesday, December 15, 2009

James + Freda | Wedding SDE

Thanks to James for giving me the chance to capture video for his wedding day. This cinematic highlight was edited and screened on his wedding reception the next night.

Congrats to James and Freda again! Hope you all enjoy the video!

* It might takes some times for the loading, please let it finish load then only hit play. Thanks! :)

Shot using 1 camera - Canon 7D | 2 lens - EF50mm f1.4 + EFS17-85mm F4-5.6 IS

Special thanks to Xiang and Gary for helps!


  1. bro, please forgive me if i asked stupid question ah.. How you able to shoot 2 places 1? One is when the groom going to the bride's house. Then the bride's interview is after reach only shoot 1 is it?

  2. Ya bro, the bride's shots are covered after we reach PD, including the make-up shots. Interviews were done at the end of day. :)

  3. walao, 7D so geng 1 ar!~~~
    hrmm...kena poison liao this time...

    really great video! nice man! ( [-][-] b

    please forgive me if i ask something stupid too, how did how ur camera so steady while moving towards a person/object? r u using last time u shooted TVC tat prop? (i dun think so, kinda hard to shift...)

    btw, did de bride belanja u eat s'ban fried crab? hehe...

  4. Holy crap~ i also want to ask the same Q as hao.zilla's... how did u hold the camera soooooo steady while moving on the beach!?
    I like the soundtrack!!


  5. thanks guys! It was the steadicam, thats why... :)

  6. proud of u..
    hope can see more and more movie from u..

  7. steadicam? but u stated 1 camera 7d? 7d = steadicam?

  8. Hi Dicky,

    Steadicam is a tool that help you stabilize the camera, when you walk or move around.

    This is the one that I use: