Saturday, December 05, 2009

Steamboat n friends

Was having a small gathering and house warming with cousins and friends last friday night. We had lot of fun with steamboat, drinking and wii...

The same night I shot this video with my new 7D, testing the performance of high ISO in low light and high shutter for slowmo. Noises can be noticeable in most of the shots because of high ISO but overall I think it turned out pretty well, especially the 50fps progressive that makes the slowmo looks very good.

I enjoy editing this video, and I hope you enjoy watching it! :)

Shot entirely at shutter 1/100, ISO 3200-6400. 720p 50fps slow down to 25fps, color grading done in Avid Express. Film grains were added in post to fix the aliasing problem.

p.s: Thanks for the big presents guys! :)


  1. ( [-][-] b {wow, nice video, make me wanna eat steamboat too...deng...)

    So far no problem with de camera's firmware? saw alot of online review tat they keep complaining on it...

  2. awesome !

    love the video, seriously! commercial quality

  3. Thanks for liking it!

    Yong Hao, so far no problem with the firmware wor. My one is already at version 1.0.9 when I bought, and I think now the latest is 1.1.0, nothing much, it's just minor fix for continueous shooting. I haven't upgrade yet though... haha~

  4. Lovely piece, Love the shallow focus and framing :) And now I'm hungry....

  5. Oh my god~~ i super like this video!!! Everything looks soooooo beautiful~~ you captured all the nice moments bro!!

  6. how many house warming u had for the past few months? erm?

  7. haha... every weekends... @@

    Must keep it warm mah~ haha... but I think it's over loh, now waiting for christmas! :)

  8. I'm enjoy watching ur video, looking ur more & more videos coming in ;)
    PS: wish can own a house too XD

  9. Hei~ nice try! Mind to reveal the name of the soundtrack? It fits nicely to your shot. Thx...


  10. Thanks lotus! With the supports from you all, i sure will shoot more videos and share here more! :)

    路人甲: Thanks for dropping by. The song is titled "Music for a nurse" from Oceansize.

  11. 为什么你总是把很普通的东西拍的那么有画面感?