Saturday, February 27, 2010

My new sound gadgets

Robe VideoMic & Zoom H4N

Sounds and audios are very important in film making, yet they are always something not taken care by the independence film makers. From the previous videos I had made, I realized that the audio is a big issue with VDSLR camera - it's mono and doesn't allow any setting control for audio/sound, not even a AGC (Automatic gain control) built in it, so even when I plug in a external mic, the audio level can go too high and result a very bad audio.

So here's something I bought in recently, a ROBE Video Mic & a ZOOM H4N handy recorder.

ROBE Video Mic is a condenser microphone which made to mount on the DSLR's hot shoe. This directional condenser microphone focus on the sound coming from infront, and isolate the sound from the background. It is a very good mic for taking on-the-go dialogues, very useful when shooting documentary. The quality is almost as good as pointing a boom mic at the subject.

ZOOM H4N recorder is a combination of a high quality stereo microphone and a sound recorder. It can be taking up to 4 channels of audios, and you can control each sound level. It records in both wav and mp3 format, with the qualities up to 24bit/96kHz. Many more functions and setting you can play around... It works as an independence device, it's very handy and easy bring around, and I love that it supports XLR cable!

Here's a quick test of the stereo mic:

Now with these 2 gadgets, I can have good audios in my video! Yeah! :D


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  2. Wow good stuff!!
    I experienced the bad sound quality at my previous documentary assignment and that really make me upset...

  3. wow~ where to get and how much?!?!?!

  4. wow~!! buy buy buy~~!!! heheheh ^^

  5. steve, got it from ebay. The ROBE is RM500+ and the ZOOM is RM1000+.

  6. The stereo is really very nice!
    p.s. Your blog increased my knowledges! recently got an audio assignment too!

  7. yeah ~ i think it has better sound quality than Q3 ... can try wait for CK MUSIC mid year or year end sales ~ will be cheaper a lot !!

  8. I didn't know about Q3 until you mentioned it, hehe~ The recorder looks cool, can record video at the same time!

    By the way, where is CK MUSIC?

  9. so when are you going to buy a zaguto viewfinder extender? and the focusing control ring?

  10. Dick,

    Can the Rode MIC fixed on the 550D ?

  11. Vivian, ya it can be attached to any camera with hot shoe and 3.5mm mic jack. :)