Monday, March 15, 2010

HANDS Percussion - BTS

It is our pleasure to help the HANDS Percussion team (手集團) to produce video for their drum performance. We had great time working with a group of passionate and artistic people, including the lighting guys, sound guys and the drummers who are young and energetic!

We spent one day at the Actor Studio Lot10, from setting up lights and sounds, rehearsing, and filming for 2 pieces of their drum performance.

It was also our first time shooting with the combination of Canon 7D and 5Dmk2. We hope you enjoy this behind-the-scene while waiting the video to complete! :)

Choreographer: Bernard Goh
Cinematographer: Dick Chua, Ah Bak
Lighting: Ah Heng
Sound: John
Editor: Dick Chua


  1. at 1:06... i tot that guy is leonard @_@

  2. haha Jing, now I realized he really looks abit like Leo, from that angle...

  3. tat one i think is my senior, call Jimmy Ch'ng Lik Han