Sunday, March 28, 2010

WeiHan + WuiHa | Wedding SDE

Congratulation to this cute couple WeiHan and WuiHa!

It was a very hot day!!! and I couldn't stop sweating all day long, non-stop! But it was fun. Wei Han is friend since college time, and now I am so happy to be there to capture the moments of his big day!

The wedding ceremony was a happening one, Wei Han has a big family of relatives, some of them came all the way from Australia. The ceremony ended around 3pm, means until the dinner reception, I had only 3 hours for the SDE editing, including file transfering and output.
That's one, another challenging part was to use the Final Cut Pro to edit for the first time. I knew Avid would spend too much time on the transcoding during import, to overcome that problem, I recently bought a new MacBookPro to replace my old broken laptop, and also to use FCP for faster same day editing.

Everything went so rush, and we were still rendering the video while on our way to the dinner reception. Anyway, we were glad this video came out on time, and this was screened at their dinner reception. :)


  1. nice nice~~ not able to see clearly that night... now i see it :D

  2. Nice job!I like the background music,it makes the story more sweet~

  3. Fei... huahahahahahah~

    Thanks Tze Lin, I love the music too, it's from coldplay. :)

  4. MBP ar? COOL~!!!!

    Congrats WeiHan and WuiHa~!!!!!!!