Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Keith Ng + Pei Sang | SDE

First of all, I must say this is one of my most enjoyable wedding shoot. Keith is my best friend from secondary school, he's one handsome boy, and still keeping it sharp till now, his big day! I'm happy for him, married a pretty and friendly wife Pei Sang. Congratulation my friend, and I can't be more grateful to be invited to this special life event and to film it down.

We went from groom place, to bride and back to groom and then to the bride again in one and half hour time at that morning, lots of traveling. But good thing is they both staying quite near and I'm glad the sequence cut out well. The brick house, one beautiful place where the bride and family had a night stay in there. I like the lighting in there, it covers by many trees and plants and light rays are all around.

The little green forest, it's actually a playground field outside Keith's house made a good scene. We had a little time at there after the ceremony and they both were so co-operative with us even though it was really tiring after the long day. The shots are so worth it I mean, it adds a little touch to the film.

On our side, it is good to see the outcome of our first try to combine slow-motion and normal speed sequence. The slow-mo is nice playing along with the great song by Daniel Powter - Whole World Around. My personal favorite shot is where the couple walking out from the brick house and we see all the colorful ribbons falling from the sky.

It is also my first time to use our newly bought lens, Tamron 17-50 VC. The whole gaming part and most of the other shots were film using this lens. And I must admit it is a great lens for using handheld because the VC, and good range you can cover from 17mm to 50mm with a pretty nice depth f2.8. The white balance is one of the issue because it is more unstable compared to Canon's, and it's very yellowish under the bulb but a bit color correction in post will save it.

We hope you enjoy the video! :)

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  1. sipek nice! really like the way you do it!too bad im using D300s...

  2. Nice music and movement, lovely. Dick, which brand (steadycam) do you own ?

  3. Thanks JustSameAsUsual and Rick!

    Rick, I'm using the glidecam HD2000.

  4. How much does it cost to buy in Malaysia for this HD2000 ? Can it be used for both DSLR and semipro camcorder ?