Monday, May 17, 2010

Seng Pit + Suaning | SDE

Seng Pit is a gymnastic coach, Suaning is a school teacher... I think both of them made a perfect match! They painted their room together, made special gift for the guests... we saw lots of hardwork and hearts from them.
Thanks to Seng Pit and Suaning for letting us be a part of this fabulous day! We wish you a happily ever after! :)

On our part, it was quite a challenge because we have only a limited time - less than 4 hours to send out this SDE. It was rush, we were transcoding the footages along the shoot, even in the car when traveling from one place to another. The editing progress was tough because the playtime is longer than what we did previously, as we hear the clock ticking it went harder, luckily the rendering time this time was fast enough and glad we made it on time. Hope you will like the video! :)

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  1. 太好看!每次看你的video都會感動
    角度,剪接,歌曲 都配合得很好

  2. Many thanks! :)
    So Kelvin, you started wedding photography already?