Monday, October 15, 2007

Farewell, Dek...

This morning, my best friend - ah Dek had left us to UK... again.

The first time when he left there for a year, I was at Vancouver. This time, I managed to be at the airport to say 'good bye', plus some photos...

Dek and me has been the best buddy since... I don't even remember when.
After came out from high school, we moved to KL to study, we slept together, we played together, we shared everything, and there had no secret between us.
We grew up together, from study until working. We faced different life, met different friends, but that never separated us from hanging out regularly and being very close.

My phone would be very quiet without your call...
Nobody complain to me about movies after you've gone....
I will miss the time eating your favorite curry chicken rice at the mamak outside your house.
And when I think back,
I really miss the time when we both sit infront of Pyramid at the middle of night...

I will miss you, and I already did.
I wish you the very best in UK, find a good job and live a better life.

"We live together, We die together, Friend for life."
Take care my friend, and see you after 2 years.

*Click on the picture for actual size.

*G7 + Photoshop


  1. nothing is more precious than having a lifetime buddy.
    =) cheers for ya frenship wif Dek.

  2. Thanks eva! Same to you and your bestfriends!