Monday, January 14, 2008


It was my birthday.
Xiang gave me a surprise by taking off to spend the day with me. Dinner with a group of best friends, which hardly had the chance to gather everyone like this now-a-days. Kelvin came down from Klang to join us yam-cha. Went for 'war' in the team of 8 which had not been happened in the back 2 years....
Other than that, it was just a usual day which remind me of getting older... :P

02.01.2008 11:16pm

02.01.2008 11:46pm

03.01.2008 12:00am

03.01.2008 12:05am

03.01.2008 12:10am

03.01.2008 02:33pm

03.01.2008 07:00pm

03.01.2008 09:23pm

03.01.2008 09:23pm

03.01.2008 09:23pm

03.01.2008 09:25pm

03.01.2008 09:25pm

03.01.2008 09:26pm

03.01.2008 09:27pm

03.01.2008 09:28pm

03.01.2008 10:11pm

03.01.2008 11:00pm

03.01.2008 11:31pm

03.01.2008 11:32pm

04.01.2008 12:01am

Thank you for the day, guys!
Also thanks for the presents, I got 3 different underwears, 2 sandals and 1 keychain camera from these guys! haha~ :D


  1. wah!!
    macam sangat meriah la!!!
    ah cheh, tak ajak saya pun!
    any way, happy belated birthday dude!!!

  2. Steal these photos 1st~~~ XD
    We all look so lengcai/lenglui under ur camera ;P
    And those foods look even more delicious than the actual thing o.O