Friday, January 04, 2008

Conclude 24

2007 has just passed, and so was my birthday. I'm officially another year older now... :(
It's also time for me to rearrange my mind and the stuff that happened on me through out the year.

Lets talk about the year of 24, a conclusion of 2007.

In terms of career, I happened to think that it was not a really smooth year for me; but when I think back, it actually wasn't that bad...
I think the biggest achievement is I got hire as the DOP for a 12-episode series documentary titled [The Roots], which we spent half the year to record the culture and religious festivals of Malaysia. The show was then shown in Astro satellite TV and I think it got a good response. The director Kew Lit has also won the Best Documentary's Director Award couple months ago.
I would say the job has really helped me in the way of handling camera works and what more is get to know more about my own culture and religious, especially my own background as a Peranakan Kelantan.

The second best things is I have also had the chance to be DP for 2 Corporate Videos and also another documentary for Hakka Society. Well, it wasn't like a huge production but at least I got to play around with a few lights, dolly and the mini jib arm...

I didn't get much chance on handling the entire projects yet, except for those small events like gymnastic competition and weddings. I hope there's more coming in this year.

Bought myself a Canon G7 in the mid-2007, and it brought back my interest of photography.
Traveled to the northeast of China with mum.

A traveling(back) to Pulau Perhentian with some best friends.

Great times! Shot lots and lots of photos!

Right after I came back from northeast China, I decided to start up a blog to share my photos. Ya, photos, not words...hehe~ So after a short survey and exploring, in May 2007, the D1 Production's Blog has born.

First time being a "sort-of-official" photographer for my cousin, Lay & Chiat's wedding engagement. It was a totally new experience to me, and because I didn't have a DSLR yet, by using G7 to shoot at that time had been really challenging task. Thank you Lay & Chiat for giving me the chance and moreover, not complaining about the lousy shots.

*Shots by G7

*Shots by LCA.

Did also some shooting for White House Coffee Shop. Thank you for giving me the priority as they usually don't allow people to shoot in there.

[LIVE LIFE] received an official selection for Calgary Fringe Festival. A first time official selection for [LIVE LIFE] and also myself, I don't remember how excited I was but I know it was a strange and special feeling, because being selected for an international festival was like a way very far to me.

I have always said the happiest thing in 2007 is that I learned about Lomography.
Back to about July 2007, when I came across with some Panorama shots somewhere in the net and started to look for the camera. That was the first time I knew about Horizon cameras but because their prices are too expensive so I ended up buying a Holga instead. That became my first Lomo camera, and since then, I'm so addicted to Lomography... one by one, now I already have the total of 8 Lomo Cameras. Besides, I have also won another LC-A+ and my dream Horizon Perfekt camera from the photo competition! How lucky~

*Winning picture for LomoHomeOfTheDayAward.

*Winning picture for LomoHomeOfTheWeekAward.

*Winning picture for WhoTheHellAreYou photo competition.
*Winnig picture for Alt Hotel photo competition.
*Selected for OSCM Expert.

With Lomo, things in life became beautiful, every subjects every moments in my daily life has turned into a beautiful pictures, in every expected or unexpected way.

Also because of Lomo, I get to know a group of new friends. These people are so nice and friendly. Maybe because we share the interest, we have so much to talk and laugh everyday in the forum. We did hang out sometimes, yam cha... outing... stuff like these.

First time visit + outing to Pulau Ketam with the fellow lomographers. Experienced the unique life style of the fishing village and had fun non-stop snapping and burned films all day long...

The success of Lomo Xhibition 2007 at the end of year has proven the spirit and bringging it, as well as our friendshiup to the next level.

Now, it is already 2008, and I am already 25. Know what, this time, I really hate to mention the age, but I need to admit it, because that would remind me of how failure I am from my age. T_T

In this new year, I wish I could to be more independent... make a movie or two... I wanna go back to Vancouver, hopefully to get a job there, I miss my friends over there, friends who could talk and work movie together... I will visit more festivals, shoot more photos, and learn a better skill... and I will also learn to write more along with the photos to share here...

Finally, thank you for coming in all these while. I know lots of you have always drop by without letting me know, but I'm really happy and really appreciate that! Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart.

I promised will make here a better site. :)




  1. is nice to know you in year 2007! and i learn a lot things from you! hehe... post your present.. i want to see.. seems like you done a lot of things in 2007, i'm still a bit lost~

  2. hehe, age is not a problem. I am 30 years old this year, but no one believe, haha.

    keep on your good works, and hey, we haven't got chances to meet up yet! what the...

  3. Kelvin, one of the great thing in 2007 is knowing you too!! Oh...I didn't mention, did I? :P hehe~

  4. Sengkit, hah... I wouldn't believe you're 30 too!! haha~

    Thanks alot sengkit, I always learned from your photos and really enjoy reading your blog!

    Yalo, we haven't meet... If can, I really hope to join you for shooting next time, only if you allow. :)