Sunday, January 20, 2008


On 10th January 2008, me, xiang, smallfish and Wee Seng made our first visit to Sekinchan, a place that famous of its padi field and fishing village. By the time we arrived, we were so disappointed that it is already harvest season so we didn't have the chance to catch the golden field anymore. Plus the day was sooo hot and it really spoiled my shooting mood, I am an easily sweat person.

I am not so satisfied from what I got at the end but anyway, here are some of the photos to share:

While on the way there, we were so excited because the sky was very blue and the weather was great. We stopped for a quick shooting when came across this beautiful scenery.



Arrived at Sekinchan. We traveled along the padi field to look for a better view, as the deeper we drive in, we started to get lose, but very lucky we found this small house by the river side and they showed us the direction.

Then we found a nice place to shoot. Look how happy smallfish was while surrounded by the corns.


Wee Seng said he looks more natural not looking into my camera.


Woody Allen with his Multicolor Holga.

After that, we found a padi field that at least still showed some green, so quickly we stop and shot some pictures.


Had our lunch at one local restaurant. Everyone started to get tired...

Wee Seng with his Smena35.

Smallfish cleaning his glasses.


Soon as the sun started going down, we head to the fishing village.


The place was very quiet. I guess we were there at the wrong time. Only a few kids hanging around, sometimes playing near the boats.

It was still very hot at late afternoon so we decided not to stay longer. Before we left, an ice-cream uncle approached us and cooling us with some ice creams!

It was still quite an interesting trip after all, and we were lucky because the sun is always better than raining. Everyone was so exhausted at the end of day, as soon as I drove away, 3 of them started to fall asleep...

I said to myself that I will go back there again next time, hoping to get more and better pictures.


  1. Fui yoh dick!!
    damn nice leh the first 2 pics...
    and love all the pics man!
    look so clear lar...
    great 40D
    dunno when only got money to go for this type of cam..
    but then i still will fully utilize what i have to shoot nice picture! very nice seires!

  2. yea yea~ go again go again...
    and thanks for the trip..
    so paise we all sleep when the way back home... *_*

  3. THANK YOU , DICK !!
    really sharo and nice !!
    hope to go again !
    and again THANK YOU for the trip !