Sunday, June 10, 2007

扎根 My Roots


扎根, also with the english titled 'My Roots', a 13-episodes documentary that I worked on as a cinematographer for the passed 5 months is gonna be on astro AEC, channel 19 starting today, Sunday 10th Jun 7:30pm, repeat at 11:30pm. Followed by every Sunday, the same time for 13 weeks. Each week will present a different malaysian chinese's culture, festivals and celebrations. Good show! (I hope... :p)

So, if you have astro satelite tv at home, please remember to catch up!
If you don't support Malaysia,
it's ok, support chinese.
If you don't support Chinese,
never mind, support me. hehe :)

I wanna say THANK YOU FOR WATCHING, first.


  1. Haha...Tell u what, I never watched it on TV since it was broadcasted started from June 10. Not that I dun want to, but I was still working at that time, well, u know my extremely long working hours. I was pretty frustrated that 6 out of 10 of my frens who received my sms that day (to tell them to watch the show) don't have Astro at home; 3 out of 10 were not at home so they're not able to watch it and the one left didn't reply my sms (I assumed he/she didn't watch it either). So the conclusion is: None of my fren watch it. Damn!

  2. @@...
    I did the same thing too, sent messages to most of the people in my phonebook. Luckily most of them replied, and even luckier most of them did watch the show, and even even luckier, they said it was nice! :)
    Tomorrow would be the Thaipusam one, can't wait to see it. I think that episod would be great!