Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Toy that looks like a Camera

6/6/07, I got myself a new toy! looks like a Camera. :p
I was at the Midvalley's ROOM outlet that day looking at these toy cameras. The reason I went there was to take a look at the Horizon's camera which able to shoot real panaromic picture (I always love wide screen), checked the price...and hell it's about RM1900! I checked out the others. Wait, the other toys aren't that expensive actually, don't mention about the LC-A, and the packagings really attracted me!! Hate it. Eventually, like one of the 10 golden rules of lomography-'Don't think, just shoot' I bought my first ever LOMO camera, the HOLGA 120CFN... @@

Believe it or not, this Holga (cost me RM280) is just a plastic low-tech camera...

Inside the package:
Holga Color Flash Camera, The World through a Plastic Lens softcover book, a 120 film roll, 2 "AA" batteries, 1 Opaque tape, Full documentation, and an Editorial poster.

You sure wonder what is the black opaque tape for. Ok, it is for you to tape up the camera's back cover. :) The camera is so cheap that light can penetrate the Holga and produce light leaks on your film negative. But! it is what made Holga so unique...

The plastic camera, along with a PLASTIC LENS:

So without any wait, I began the journey with my new toy.
And here comes the world through a plastic lens!

The first few rolls were very painful! Mostly out of focus, the exposure was wrong, subject framing was off, and the worst thing was I always shoot without taking out the lens cap! T_T
Here are the acceptable ones, from the first roll:

Somehow the frame size just went off, because Holga is designed for 120mm film, so I would need to do some modifications.

Then the 2nd roll:

These photos were scan and crop in photoshop. For the actual frame size were still off a little...need more experimental and modify...experiment and modify....

Next roll I tried an expired Kodak 400:

The frames were almost accurate, they just off left a bit...Yes! I was almost there!

Finally I tried the slide film, with cross processing:

I made it! The picture's size is correct! The subject framing is accurate from what I see in the viewfinder! And I'm no longer shoot without taking off the lens cap...haha!



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