Monday, June 04, 2007

Kito Anok Kelate

I was back in my home Kota Bharu recently, having my 'little long' vacation. I thought it would be good bringing my G7 out for a day catch, at the same time to practice my shooting skill. I didn't really know the attractive areas to shoot, u know, I have been living there for 20+ years and everything already seems so usual to me. So, whatever, for those who doesn't know KB, here's where kito anok kelate live... :p

KB Mall, probably the biggest shopping mall in Kota Bharu.

PAS flags along the street...

I dunno when it is sinced, I just know it's a heritage building.

Uncle John is duplicating my keys... :P

Padang Merdeka

I used to tell my friend, one of the attraction in KB is the huge book...

That's how it's look the Peranakan Kelantan's rooftop.

Smell kampong?


Cute coconut tree hah?

Kedai Runcit

A kid climbs up the roof to grab his wau caught by the antena, and, he notices me...

I couldn't find a right angle to shoot the mosque, then I ended up with this. @@

I thought this would be special, each of the billboard in KB has jawi's letter!

White House, the most crowded kopi tiam in KB.

Definitely the best half boiled egg in KB!

I didn't asked for, she came to me...

The family of White House.

I grew up with his breads...

This is certainly another attraction of KB, Pasar something something...(forgot the name) haha~
It's call Pasar Siti Khatijah, Yaa Lay is right...

Kropok, nice...

PCB, Pantai Cinta Berahi. Good food, but not really nice view...haha! It's actually Pantai Cahaya Bulan. <--- Lay I fix it...

Sunset Sungai Kelantan.


  1. those pics make me feel hone sick!!
    I wan go home!!

  2. opps, its HOME sick :P

  3. Haha!! KB is the best! Quiet and peace...I miss home too~ T_T

  4. it is padang merdeka.

    pasar siti khatijah?

    and PCB is no longer cinta berahi, it is pantai cahaya bulan oh anok kelate >____<

  5. ............ @@||

    Right...Padang Merdeka, it just couldn't come up from my mind! Grrrr

    Right...Siti Khatijah, never remembered the name!

    Right...Cahaya Bulan, always confused me!!!!!

    Finished. Sigh...

  6. hi, cool site! Thanks for the comment in my blog. let's see how would the "100 days" goes, haha...
    and thanks for ur (Canadian) effort for the tvc shoot in the past 2 days! :p