Wednesday, June 13, 2007


'Live Life' has got some good feedbacks recently and I thought it's really the time for me to post up some of the Makings in here to share with everybody. I was about to do this while ago when Chin Hwa shared about Live Life in CARI, yet not many people responded to it so this didn't happen. Now, thanks to Seng Kit who recently posted up an article about 'Live Life' in his blog, which really surprised me! And ofcoz, I take that as a compliment so I decided to do this. :) Take a look at his blog if you have time, great young photographer!

So...Here we go.

'Live Life' was shot in Vancouver, Canada. It was the mid-term project when I was in film school. We got a small 10-crews-production with some limited gears from school. We shot 5 days in total.

The story was original written as a romantic story between a guy and a blind girl. I put in sunset as the theme, the message to tell is that the best moment we see is always short, but it can last forever when it's in our heart. The concept wasn't strong enough and the message doesn't deliver in the way. The 'sight' and 'heart' kept pacing up and down in my mind...
And then I wrote 'Live Life'.

My script was choosen by school and I was very lucky to be picked as the director after the director's pitch. One thing that even cheer me was that I got to shoot in film! (because we split into film and dv teams) Another great thing was, I had my best friends all in my team! Included all the asians in my class. Haha~

One problem that we faced during the pre-production was we couldn't find a right interior location to shoot. So we ended up with shooting in the studio, and build all the interior sets! The result was spectacular- bigger room, we got more control of the lights, quiet location, and full control of art direction!

Well, I will talk non-stop if you never yell 'cut!' :p
Better show some photos...

Behing the scene :

Production stills :

The Live Lifer :

Some of the story board :
(sketched by me)

The concept painting :
(painted by me)

To be continued...


  1. WOW!!! Love the pics u posted in this blog and the coolest part is I never knew that the building in "Live Life" was a filming set! U never told me when I borrowed the VCD from you, did u? Anyway, thanks for sharing and don't forget to make more good films to feed your fans appetite, kah yao!

  2. Cool hah? hehe...Thanks! That meant alot for the live lifers! :)
    I'm glad I didn't tell you bout the set, because If I did, then it would be a SET when you watch it, right?