Sunday, May 13, 2007

沈阳 Sen Yang - 张氏帅府

She wrote me my name, really nice.

We saw this old lady was writing some letters on the ground using water and a giant brush. Her typo is so good, every stroke is perfect...


  1. Ppl change as time passes by..and its glad to see u morphing as time goes by..i might not be there by ur side..tho i believ in my very own sight..that 1 day u'll b'come a beautiful butterfly..high above the sky u'll fly...

    hey buddy...its been ages not seeing ur stuff...tho i'll alwaz found something "sparkling" inside ur works...luving it~

  2. Pick...

    Again you reminded me one thing about you, something that made you special - Not that you only have good sense in art, but your words are always... sexy I should say.

    If I have to describe you, I will go for "chinese painting". Because chinese painting + poetry, that's 'Beauty'.

    Thanks buddy!