Friday, May 11, 2007

大连 Dalian

Time has changed.
This 2 ladies are promoting their photo service in the tradition way, we can see this all the time in the back few years. But what happen beside them, is that people are now all using their own digital camera to take pictures. Film has taken over by digital media, this happened to the still pictures, and the same will happen to the moving pictures...
George Lucas is right.

And that is his mum, I believed. Woman cover their face like that in here to protect their skin from the bad weather. It is spring, and it is still very cold out there...

They believed the higher you walk up to towards the curve, more you will get lucky.
Russian Street Of Dalian

They called it "tao wa". Open up and you will find another until a very last tiny little doll inside.

That's my mum, coming out from a great restaurant in Da Lian.