Friday, May 11, 2007

Sunset at Kelana Jaya

I was picking up my girlfriend at the LRT station and from my side mirror I saw this golden purplish view. I got out from my car and get a quick shot of it. I like the ray of the sunlight and the wet ground just made the reflections so good.


  1. Mankind might be equal...
    but wht differentiate us is d way we see & feel things...

    Some ppl see beautiful things, but some might not...

    And i think u r 1 of them tht r alwaz 'sensitive' about those beautiful stuff..huh~ For others.. kelana jaya might be 1 of d place ppl oftenly caught in traffic jams..but for u my fren..wht u sense is the 'silence' and the 'rythm' of a bz city...its just like something rustling in the wondering is it...

    Well, wht can i say? mayb wht makes u so different from others is... havin a beautiful mind.. with lots of beautiful thoughts ;) cheers~

  2. 'Silent' and the 'rythm' of a bz city...I think you sense it better than I! haha...what a beautiful thought.

    Thanks for the beautiful mind buddy! :)

  3. Hey you staying in Kelana Jaya ah? i'm working in Tmn Mayang Jaya, staying nearby too... hehe

  4. Ya I'm now staying at Kelana Jaya, Crimson apartment. But I don't know where is Tmn Mayang Jaya leh?