Thursday, May 17, 2007

Untitled Project 1

I was thinking about filming a new short recently. Came out with an idea in the beginning of this year but it wasn't developed because then I was involve in a 4 and half months documentary shooting. The shoot is done now so I get to break for a while, a while means till I get the next project to work on...

So talk about this short (could be a feature, I hope~) The idea is about a man who suffers from his own past memories which he wouldn't remembered, and it is that memories that he finally faces bring him back to become a real him.

The story starts with a man writing a diary, a man waking up without knowing where he is, what he did before and what to do next. This man has had a serious short terms memories, after a terrible accident half year ago. He lives alone, doesn't has much friend, not even close relatives after his parent passed away. He spends his life everyday with writing reminder notes of things he needs to remember.

Life goes well, everything is fine... until one day, 2 strangers shout at him on a street, yelling "killer! He is a murderer!" to the people with finger pointing at him. He is shocked, runs to his best friend (his only friend who cares about him) and tells him about it. Then he keeps asking his friend about his past, after many tries and little fight, his friend finally tells him the truth - he killed his girlfriend half year ago...

The message of this story is about how people tend to escape when real sad things happen, trying so hard just to forget everything, everything!
How could they isolate the happiness before that, because if life has never been happy, how do we feel sad?

Afterall, I wanted to tell a love story... in a different way.


  1. hey man, when u wanna start this project? ever think thke this project to take parts in astro short film competition or golden horse independent film competition? i am serious, if u interested don't forget to ask me join along :)

  2. yea Dick, don't forget to ask me too!! hahaha...Seriously, after the internship I would love to have some time to rest and pick up the things that I've left behind. But if you're interested in inviting me to join u guys, I would definitely love to try it.

  3. Ok! You both are in the list!! haha...thank you for supporting!
    But in fact, I haven't even started writing the script yet...been kind of busy lately. Spent most of the free time learning an practicing photography.
    Or anyone of you interested to be co-writer? hehe...