Thursday, September 27, 2007

Holga B&W

Bought some ILFORD B&W film during the KLPF 2007. I had never try the 120 B&W but I knew it would be good with my Holga! I also know B&W processing is rather hard to find now-a-days and they are quite expensive too, but that's also what made B&W films so special isn't it (B&W film is way much better than digital's B&W)? Anyway, when I came across with this, I found that Ilford actually has a film that does C-41 process, which is the XP2, so without any further thinking I bought its' 120 films and loaded it into my holga.

Here's what I shot using the Ilford XP2 400:

We did this at night. Why? Because the playground has no people so we can find a nice position and shoot as long as we like. More importantly is I like how the lights and shadows casted during the night, and often with a long exposure, you will get a really nice shot.

This is a double expose if you look closer. I shot a layer with Xiang at the foreground, and Xiang shot another layer with me at the background. We didn't actually planned for that so you can see slightly move of the position. But surprisingly, the result is really good! At least I like it...

I saw this when I was to get my car under my apartment. The variety colors in this scene and the distances of subjects made a good contrast for this shot. And with the strong evening sun hitting on them, it made a good shot.

I wanted to capture this kid eating satay sitting infront of the huge garbage can. I wished to get closer but afraid of him noticed me (holga can't zoom!), so I tried to stay away... but when I turned to shoot, he noticed me too... :(

Shot this during a cloudy evening. The light leaks have made this shot even more retro-feel. I always love the look of old photos, so glad I managed to get one... well, at least close to it (my car at the back really spoiled the mood!).

I saw this group of kids hanging out under a big tree. The light leaks and flare have given this shot a bonus!

Satay hawker. This is my favorite. I was waiting for the moment, of the smokes blow at the direction of the hawker's back, plus the backlite of the strong evening sun, and when the hawker turned facing the camera... "snap!" I knew it would be great!

Thanks for viewing! :)

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