Saturday, September 01, 2007

1st Lomo Outing

25th August, my first outing with the fellow lomographers at Central Market. It was fun, everyone was shooting like non-stop, not even care about people think how weird we are...haha!

Ok, lets not do the talking...

Abit from the left-over Agfa400 negative:

Expired Konica SRM Slide:
Big grains but I like it!

The aunty at back : Weird people....

I never knew about this 50 cents toilet inside the Central Market. See, you gotta slot coins into the machine and only you can access...@@

Guns don't kill...Lomo does! (Films and developing are damn expensive...)

Again, the famous pointing-finger-shot!! Haha...even kids knew it!

The artist : KLCC....again..........

Marching of LCAsssss!!!!!


Konica WaiWai being modified by the expert Kelvin.

Parade 100 Japanese toy film:

Well, I was just in charge of the photograph... :p

The invention of Michi, the magnifying LCA.

Toy films from Japan!

It was truly fun meeting you guys!

Till the next outing...

*The full set is at HERE.

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