Wednesday, September 12, 2007

LomoGenting Trip

Ok, here's the compilation of our last Lomo-Genting Trip.
(Well, not only for the Lomo shoot, but mainly because Hooi has got the Theme Park's vouchers which need to be spent before they expired.)

Weapons: LCA+, Holga, Elikon535, Fisheye2, Hooi's SuperSampler(Hooi, borrow your pictures)

Bullets: Kodak EB3, RSX II 120mm, Konica SRM200, Fuji Superia200, Kodak UltraMax400, Lomographic Film400.

Tim Sum for breakfast before genting. favorite!

Ready to rock our LOMO cameras!

Reached the ThemePark.

Cute expression captured by Hooi's SuperSampler.

Really love this Holga shot, 1st try with the RSXII.

The mini SpaceShot for kids.

Hello? Ain'ts that for kids as well!?

Hello Makcik...

Hands up!!

Negara kuku~

Another favorite shot by Holga. Love the leaks!

Time for the SpaceShot...

This time I brought the fishie along... huahaha

On the way up...

The peak!

Long exposure with my gorillapod and shutter release.

Before left we went back to the FlyingChair again, to shoot some cool lighting effects.

Xiang's version of the big glowing mushroom. (Fisheye2)

My version. (Holga)

That's actually Hooi and Wei Wei. I forgot to take out the black tape that covering the light meter on my LCA used for long exposure; surprisingly the result quite amazed me! I liked it!

Last shot of the day. It's also my most favorite shot, I really love the dull colors but I have no idea how and why it turned out this way... anyone?

Anyway, it was a nice trip, even though the weather wasn't so stable, we still enjoyed LOMOing alot and had so much fun!

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