Thursday, September 06, 2007

My dad's camera

Fujica ST705w SLR camera, and ya, it was my dad's camera some donkey years ago.
I took it out recently, checked the lens again, I knew it has some dirts and foggy but I decided to give it another try! Loaded with a roll of Parade100 and go!
It was fun, aperture and shutter all working good, and know what - I got the film developed and found this old guy actually still produce stunning pictures!

Who cares it's old...

My most favorite shot. Xiang was holding the new submarine casing for fisheye camera (belong to Evonne).

Chang, sleepy?

I look so old!!

Hooi's new and 1st lomo cam - Supersampler. Hehehehe!

Noticed this at theme park Genting, they actually having this mini 'Solero Shot' for kids! Damn funny and cute!

And thats for the big kids.

It's the Japanese Toy Film - Parade100, you can see the photos look pinky at most outdoor, and greenish under tungsten light. Very nice contrast as well, love it!



  1. hello! i would like to know where can i buy "Toy Film Parade 100"? Thx a lot! ^_^

    my email:

  2. Hi there,

    Just saw you message in my blog, and sorry for the late reply. I tried to send this to your email but somehow it failed.

    I bought the films from the lomography forum while they did a bulk purchase while ago.
    If you want, I think you can try to buy from their website, which is:

    Good luck!