Wednesday, September 26, 2007

WaiWai PasarMalam

There is a 'pasar malam' (night market) nearby my place every Monday night. This time I brought WaiWai along and play around shots with motion and light.

Maybe you're wondering who is WaiWai and expecting to see shots of him/her?
Well, no, Konica WaiWai is a little plastic disposable camera that able to shoot a really wide pictures. It's 17mm wide lens is so beautifully craft at a very cheap price! I bought this camera for only RM30! Thanks to Kelvin for helping us to get this camera.

This is how it looks like:

Even though it is originally a disposable one-use-camera, but there are tons of tutorial and video on the web that teaches you how to modify this little guy.

Now you are able to reload film and go!

[Konica WaiWai Site]

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