Sunday, September 09, 2007

Meet the ELIKON 535


One of the most rare and sought-after cameras in the world of Russian deadstock. Crafted in Belarus by the iconic BeLOMO factory, the Elikon camera is a true gevm from the very top of high society.

From the sophisticated curves of its high-impact plastic body to the subtle radiance of its sought-after Minar lens, the Elikon just oozes out all that jazz. Elegant weather icons guide you to the proper aperture setting – and the Aperture Priority exposure then takes over to serve up the perfect shutter speed for every shot. How sweet it is!

The Elikon 535 introduced in 1990, was one of the last camera models produced by BeLOMO.

Lightweight and Soviet-style plastic body
The Elikon’s impact-resistant plastic body makes it a lightweight joy to tote in your pocket or shoulder bag. You won’t be complaining of a sore back or tired arms with this guy at your side. And its old-school looks are second to none.

Brilliant multicoated Minar 2 35/3.8 lens
This beady little lens is crafted in the true Russian tradition. As with many Soviet-era optics, the color saturation and contrast is turned all the way up to 11 – yielding images that “pop” with a slightly supernatural radiance.

Aperture Priority exposure with handy weather symbol guides
Select the aperture and the camera will serve up the proper shutter speed for the outside light condition. To guide your aperture selection is none other than several incredibly cheerful weather icons.

The above informations are taken from [ Microsite of Elikon 535 ].

Here are some of the examples I took with this camera:
Using Fuji Superia200 negative
*click the image for larger size.

I really love this camera, from it's old-school looks to the brilliant pictures it produces!
It's how amazing such a compact plastic camera able to capture with great depth, high saturated color and contrast. I can't wait to see my next roll! :D


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  2. Hi.. im jack.. i got a Elikon 535 too... ^ ^ .. <<< feel free to add me... we can talk more bout it.. have a nice day !

  3. It's like LC-A w/o vivid vignette, right?

  4. i tried this lomo camera too.. but the dark edge effect of lomographs doesnt seem to be very obvious... do u know y?

  5. I love this camera even I've got LC-A+.
    I will get it to day.
    If you want more vignette, try slide film with cross process development. This is a sample..

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