Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Chang's Bday

It's been a while since the last update, tailou-Hooi and tailou-Chang already started to get impatient... hehe... :p
I have been busy on the video editing thats why, even now also haven't completely done... :(

Ok here's something from the celebration of AhChang's birthday not long ago...

My little confession:
Guys, I know you were counting on me for the photographs of that day...I have to say sorry for dissapointing you with lots of crappy photos which you going to see the next second...
The first set was due to the unfamiliar used of flash with LCA, ended up all over-exposed with the slide (even I already set it under 3 stops!!)...
The second set was using the expired film so you can see a big amount of softness and grains on the photos...It's still kind of nice though and that was my intension but I don't know if you guys can accept it... whatever! You guys not gonna kill me, will you?
BUT! Luckily we have some nice ones from the Fisheye! I really like how the color turned out with the red flash! And all the expression... is damn funny!! haha!

The girls: "LOMO? outdated lah! Now people uses HANDPHONE~~~"

Look! Jaymee's signature expression....kekeke

Chang: "Ain't I the birthday boy here!!!???"

Look at my finger, the famous-on-camera-posing again!

Now, the 'dessert':
Introducing the stars of the night!


Wei Wei!


Ermm...birthday boy...

Dek... @@ disgusting!!!

Hooi...hoho! I like this one!

Ok...I know they will definitely kill me if I don't include this... OK! That's me!

Girl team.

Boy team.

Nice food...

and best friends!

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