Thursday, August 23, 2007

Another Win from LOMO!

There is an international photo competition called "Who The Hell Are You?" organised by Lomographic Society and Urban Outfitter going on this month and each week the jury will pick the 30 most amazing photos from the entries, and the winners get to win a brand new LOMO camera.

I didn't manage to enter the first week, so I started to participate on the second week. And when the second week's champions have been announced yesterday...

Click on the image for a better size.

Oh my god... That's my entry! That's my picture and my name on the winning list at the 2nd place!!! Wow! Guess what, that won me a another LCA+ cameraaaaaaa! :D
The website:

This is the entry:

Thank you and thank you to Lomographic Society and the Urban Outfitters, you guys just made me so happy! :D


  1. you are damn good wei dick!!!!! your pics are marvelous.... so envy!!! i don even have a lca... and now you have two...!!!

  2. I just got lucky! You don't have to be envy, because you're doing great too!

    So do you want the LCA+? Since I already have one and I'm planning to sell this one! What do you think?

  3. feel like wan it but no money for it... and i planning to earn piggy point to buy refurbished one... usd200... that one you sell to others lor... feel like wan it but really no money to afford it! hope he can find one good owner Y_Y