Monday, August 20, 2007

Hakka Documentary - Part 1

Some of the production stills from the Hakka Documentary shoot a month ago - a documentary about the history of Malaysian Hakka(one of the native from China). The topic is boring; but the production team is real fun! Small team but never ending big joy, laughing all the time!

Producer Han Sheng is the joke maker, talk nonsense like non-stop! except the time when he eats. You can't fight him and you don't want to fight him neither...or you will be deadly attacked. Very nice guy, you would salute him for what he had gone through!

Director Tian Hann is the most friendly director I ever met! haha! Funny guy, very good temper (even as a director). Diligence and like to act fast!

His blog:

Besides, Editor Wen Ping, Assistant Ah Chang, and the Driver Ah Lek are all very nice friends!

Wen Ping (the guy wearing hat)

Ah Chang (cute hairstyle..kekeke)

Ah Lek (with lots of dirty jokes)

And the productions stills:
(LCA with negatives film)

To be continued...

For the complete set, please go to my Picture Gallery.

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  1. Fei, now I look back your photo, you were so skinny! Really not used to it!