Thursday, August 09, 2007

Ah Peow's Wedding

Eventually, my secondary classmate Ah Peow has married a beautiful lady from Japan, Mariko. Me and my partner Ah Lick were proud to be the official camera team on this special occasion. It was a fun and unforgettable night as we finally able to meet most of our secondary schoolmates again after out of school.

Ah Lick the photographer & the wedding couple.

Ah Peow the bridegroom.

Mariko the bride.

Bees around the flower...

Cute little girl, Ah Peow's niece I guess.

Hmm...I don't usually use eyepiece, but to pose for camera, this way looks more cool...haha

Another posing saja...

My pretty model.

Ah dek's new hairstyle.

The ladies in black.

Until the next wedding dinner...?

To view the full set, please click HERE.

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