Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hakka Documentary - Part 2

Continue with the stills from Penang. Using Afga Precisa CT100 slide, nice one!

*click on the images for larger size.

Oh I just love this shot! It's like a gang of ganster just finish killing then walk out from the building and.....BOOMMMM!!!

Ok, this is the most pretending but coolest pose you can see from any production (because every director or producer or DP whoever found themselves aimed by camera will pose like this). Here's our version, the pointing finger + michael bay's framing pose.

Supper time! Fried chicken skin (is that how we call?).

See? A very helpful director! Help me fixing the lens...

Again. But this time we spent some money to get a car as a set just to make the shot looks more professional...and it really does! Don't you think so? :p

Even Temple's Ah Pek would do it infront the camera! Now you believe?

This is the shot that won me the Lomography Home of The Day Award!! Thanks to Ah Pek!

This Ah Pek is an one lonely old man who looks after a temple in Penang. I can see he is really lonely because when we visit he appeared very excited and talk non-stop! Poor Ah Pek has a little place which is very old furnished... faded print wall... full with old photographs and posters... It's a really a cool place to look at and everyone kept taking photo of it!

That's it!
The complete set is at [HERE].
More coming up...


  1. nice color! is it cross processed or the original color outcome? just love it. so now u manage to get the shop to process the slide for you huh?

    btw, if you have msn, here's mine:

    keep in touch.

  2. Yeah, I like how the colors and contrast turned out too! It is the cross processed, and I usually process my films at FOTO PRIME @ Damansara Perdana, they do xpro at the same rate as normal processing, which is RM12 (process + scan cd).

    Do you have any lab to recommend any PJ area?

    My msn:
    but I don't use it often...hehe!
    anyway, keep in touch!