Saturday, November 24, 2007

Before LomoWall...

These days, we are busy preparing lomowall for the coming Lomo X-hibition. Thousand and thousand of lomographs to be sticked on the wall, reminded me of one quite similar wall with full of b/w photograph that featured in my short film - Live Life. If you ever watched the movie before, you probably know what I mean; If you don't, just keep scrolling down... :P

I remember there was a wall-making's sequence that we shot that time. So after got home, immediately I searched for it, thew in a music, and here is it to share with everyone!

The Making of the Wall.

Eventually I decided to cut in only one shot of the wall at the ending part of 'Live Life'.
One and only special shot!

The ending sequence of Live Life.

And here's the still. Used to be my favorite destop wallpaper! :)

If you like to see a different, bigger, and hell sparkling colorful wall full of thousand more photographs than this. Don't miss our Lomo X-hibition 2007 from 26th Nov - 1st Dec at Desein Academy, Wangsa Maju! One huge wall + 16 personal panel walls (including mine) are waiting for you, see you there!

For more information, click to see the poster or the detail.



  1. dude...
    does that mean you've been to vancouver...?
    nice werk dude...

  2. Thanks dom, ya I went there to study...

  3. dude~
    u r so cool~
    damn impressive with u skill videoing skill dude~

  4. Thanks edmund! Glad you like it...

    and I wanna say sorry for not using the shots you send me, they are all nice but because nobody else sent me so I ended up didn't use any photo.

    Again, sorry for spending your time...